Who is Jesus? A good teacher? A failed revolutionary? We believe that he is the Son of God. At St Lukes, you can find out more about Jesus - and why he is still relevant today.

What is the meaning of life? Is there a God who is there? What is he like? What's all the fuss about Jesus? What about other religions?

Our Exploring Christianity course is aimed at those asking these or similar questions. Whether you’ve never set foot in a church before, or been going to church all your life, the course provides an excellent opportunity to look more closely at these issues.

We run one six-session course each term. They are intended to be a relaxed, unpressured and informative time. Please don’t be put off by committing to six sessions – come along to one, there’s no pressure to come back.

Please ask the church office for more information: admin@stlukeshampstead.org