St Luke's Church School opened in September 2011 and is part of the London Diocesan Board of Schools

St Luke’s Church of England School and St Luke’s Church have close links and come together regularly at church services, coffee mornings and other events. Church staff lead school assemblies, and many from the congregation are involved with school governance or school activities such as reading or cooking. The church also welcomes the school children as they perform songs for Evergreens (a seniors group) or come to children’s groups such as Adventurers or the Holiday Clubs each year.

The school opened in September 2011 when a group from St Luke’s Church coordinated the coversion of the church halls to be a new state funded school to serve the local community, in response to a severe shortage of primary school places in this part of London.

The project was a partnership between St Luke’s Church and the local supporters group, who ultimately formed the core of the first Governing Body. The London Diocesan Board for Schools provided a range of support including project management, and are still involved through representation on the governing body and through the provision of school advisory services.

On 9th September 2012 the school was officially opened by the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres. The official opening was marked by a service and reception attended by a large cross-section of the local community, including parents, pupils and churchgoers from St Luke’s. At the service the Chair of Governors, Penny Roberts, was awarded the St Mellitus medal, which is now kept at the school as a permanent reminder of the Christian vision for the school and community and as a thanks to the school’s first Governing Body and staff for all their hard work. At the service the Bishop of London said:

“St Luke’s School is an illustration of the historic purpose of Church of England schools to serve the whole community. Church members who have contributed hours of voluntary effort to set up the first free school in the Diocese, have done so in the knowledge that none of their own children will be eligible to attend because of the strict admissions criterion which is based solely on how far children live from the school. This excellent school is a contribution to provision in the borough of Camden which is currently over 150 places short for children of reception class age. I found my visit inspiring.”

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