Update 07/06/2021

We have services at 10am and 11:30am every Sunday. The 11:30am service is live-streamed for those who are not yet able to meet in person. We continue to comply with government guidelines, including:

Face covering to be worn 
No congregational singing
Social distancing in and outside building

10:00 Will be with Sunday School Groups (ages 2-10)
11.30 With in-service Pathfinder Groups (school years 6-9)

Update 05/03/2021

Below is our planned service events and format for the next few weeks:

Please note:

Online refers to Live-Stream on Zoom and YouTube
10:00 Will be with Sunday School Groups (ages 2-10)
11.30 With in-service Pathfinder Groups (school years 6-9)
No physical refreshments at either service yet (only online Zoom)
No congregational singing
Social distances in and outside building

All the above is of course, subject to government guidelines and thus dates may change.


Update 08/01/2021

Sadly given the escalating risks posed by the pandemic in London, we have prayerfully determined not to meet in person on Sunday. We will livestream in the usual way at 11.30am.


Update 07/01/2021

As per Government guidance, places of worship can remain open for services, and so we shall be having one in-person service at 11.30am. We will still need to follow the guidance by wearing masks, keeping our distance from others and not mingling with anyone outside of our households or support bubbles, and we will of course continue to ensure that all surfaces are cleaned thoroughly. There will be activity packs available for the children (under-11s) each week, and kid friendly sermon notes for older children. Crèche areas will still be set out around church for those families with babies and toddlers. 
There will continue to be a live-stream of the service at 11.30am on YouTube for those who are shielding, vulnerable or simply wish to remain home during the lockdown. If you plan to watch from home, then please see our Online service page, which gives the YouTube link, the Zoom details for meeting shortly after the service and a link for the service sheet. The Zoom ‘coffee time’ after the service is for both those who attend online and in person, so it’s a great chance for everyone to catch up.

Update 31/07/2020

The Prime Minister has outlined plans to make face coverings mandatory in Places of Worship from 8th August. Therefore, we ask you to please wear a mask when attending church. Further guidance on face coverings can be found here.



Update 14/07/2020

Our 5pm service in church will not be running over the summer (from 19 July to 30 August). Please attend the 11am service or join us on YouTube 


Update 05/07/2020

Information for Sunday in July for gatherings at St. Luke’s
(subject to change pending any further government and diocesan guidance)

  • We are planning to hold two services: the first at 11am with children and unsupervised crèche within the main building and the second at 5pm with NO children under 14. The services will be the same and this same service will have been recorded and released via website at 11am.

  • We regret that at this stage we are asked to discourage the 70s and over from attending either service.

  • Most of us will have been able to indicate via the emailed questionnaire which of the two services we will attend. Please let Susie know if you have not already done so. Only staff and wardens will be allowed to attend both. A register of names will be taken at both, in accordance with government guidelines.

  • There will unfortunately be no Lord’s Supper, corporate singing, collection boxes available nor refreshments.

  • The Church bibles will NOT be available – please bring your own.

  • There will be stewards and signage and floor markings to help you maintain safe social distancing…2 metres.

  • There will be hand sanitiser and hand towels at various points for you to use.

  • Service sheets and sheets for children will be on the chairs which will have been set up safely. Please try not to move the chairs.

  • The baptistry and Lambert Hall kitchens will be out of bounds.

  • Bathrooms will be limited to emergency use only. There will be one toilet available to use, queuing may be required. We ask they are only used if necessary (i.e. please plan not to use them, if at all possible).

    11am service:

  • Please see video below for what arriving at church will look like.
  • Please arrive between 10.45 and 1100. We suggest those bringing children come at c10.55-11.00 and those without children between 10.45-10.55.

  • Please listen to the stewards and do what they ask you to do.

  • Please wash your hands with provided sanitiser on arrival.

  • Please fill chairs in your bubbles from the front of church

  • Use of crèche area is for babies and one parent only if at all possible. Please bring one or two for your own toys for this and these are not to be shared! If you are the sort of parent who has in the past let your child(ren) wander or run around with minimal or no supervision, we would kindly ask you to change your ways for the moment and keep a very close eye on them and keep them under effective control.

  • Please do NOT kiss or hug or shake hands.
  • The Bible passage, sermon outline and notices will be on the chairs already. If you want to discard this at the end please put them in the recycling box on the way out of the church building.
  • We aim for the service to be approximately 45 minutes. We would like the building to have emptied by 12.15 so that we can clean for the service at 5pm which will be identical, without our children.

  • Zoom will happen as usual between 12-1!

5pm service:

  • All of the above (except regarding children) applies to this service too

  • Arrivals between 4.50-5.00. Please depart by 6.15.

  • None of our children (under 14s) will be allowed to come to this service.

  • The church will then be cleaned from 6.15 onwards.

  •  Josh will make contact about plans for EPI

 Update 08/04/2020

This page will be updated regularly to reflect how we are responding to the evolving Coronavirus situation.

Please join us for our online services here.

In light of the Government guidance around non-essential travel and social contact including public worship, the Church of England has issued advice that public worship is suspended with immediate effect until further notice.

Sadly this means our usual pattern of Sunday meetings and all other mid-week gatherings of all ages must be put on hold for a season. 

This does not mean that St Luke’s has shut up shop. On the contrary, we will never be more keenly aware of our need to spur one another to trust in the sovereign grace of our God as we await Jesus’ return, and to hold out his message of hope and life to a world in darkness. Therefore, in that regard, we are open for business as usual. However, we will need to think about how we can still ‘be’ church even when we can’t ‘do’ church in the ways we have become used to. 

For instance: 

– we are streaming a service of word and prayer each Sunday morning at our usual time of 11am on our Facebook page, and are available on our website after that.

– small group meetings are continuing by online video conferencing. Get in touch if you’d like to join one.

– one to one relationships are continuing by phone and email. Please get in touch if you’d like someone to talk to. No one should be or need be left behind.

– our children and youth are being resourced by Kids Talks on our Facebook Page and Together@Home materials on our website.

– Daily Devotional reflections on the Bible are on our Facebook Page and website each weekday.

Take a moment to pray now, for our church family, its leaders, the wider world especially those under huge pressure and for opportunities to share our message of hope in the face of fear, sickness and death.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns or questions. 

Email: admin@stlukeshampstead.org